Companies in the manufacturing and production business in UAE require for an industrial license. The industrial license in UAE is issued to the owners of factories for selling products to gain profit. The Department of economic and development issue the trade license. It also requires getting approvals from the Ministries of Finance and Industry. The industrial license remains valid for a limited period of time in Dubai and UAE depending on the fulfillment of conditions mentioned on the issuance of a license.
The industrial license in Dubai are mainly issued to businesses using natural resources, modify raw material and convert them into products. This modification is subject to appearance and structure with the sole aim of producing new products, including semi-manufactured products and fully manufactured products. Activities include manufacturing, separation, and packaging of products. A trading license allows a business to have a warehouse in UAE.
Advantages of getting an industrial license in UAE:
tafeel businessmen services offer plenty of benefits under an industrial license mentioned below:

  1. Complete analysis of your business activities before applying for industrial license
  2. Business opportunities by trustworthy resources
  3. It welcomes investors and international recognition to your busines
  4. E-governance system
  5. The outstanding telecommunication system

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